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FORT MILL, S.C., May 18, 2017 / / -- Honeywell
(NYSE: HON) today announced a new Connected Freight
solution that gives shippers and logistics companies
unprecedented ability to monitor shipments of high-
value and perishable goods, helping prevent costly
damage and loss.
The new solution, developed in collaboration with Intel
and third-party logistics companies, provides real-time
information about the location and condition of critical
freight while in transit. The solution was introduced
during Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions'
launch event today.
"Honeywell is developing a range of Connected Supply
Chain solutions that leverage technology and data to
make supply chains more efficient and better able to
adapt to rapid change," said Taylor Smith, president of
Honeywell's Workflow Solutions business. "For shippers,
logistics providers, retailers and others faced with a
host of costly freight challenges, such as theft, damage,
spoilage and delays, this convenient cloud-based
solution provides customers with detailed analytics in
order to plan, anticipate and react immediately to
incidents that occur during shipment."
Real-time shipment information is critical, for example,
when shipping perishables and goods that require
uninterrupted refrigeration, such as pharmaceuticals, or
high-value equipment that is sensitive to vibration or
"After assessing our internal supply chain needs and the
needs of the industry, we forged a unique collaboration
with Honeywell. Together, we've customized Intel's
Connected Logistics Platform technology to deliver an
IoT offering that solves real logistics problems," said
Chet Hullum, general manager for Industrial Solutions at
Intel. "Thanks to data accessibility, shippers and carriers
will be able to establish a more reliable supply chain
network by having deeper visibility and information on
Honeywell's Connected Freight solution consists of
cost-effective sensor tags that sense a range of
environmental conditions, such as temperature or
vibration. The tags can be affixed to pallets or individual
packages. The sensor data is captured by a mobile
gateway placed inside a truck or shipping container and
then transmitted via cellular networks to a cloud-based
command-and-control platform.
Users can establish alerts based on temperature, shock,
tilt, humidity, pressure and intrusion detection. The
solution can alert manufacturers of high-value, highly
sensitive technology if equipment has been damaged
while being loaded or unloaded, or if it may have been
stolen. The cloud can also store data for compliance and
audit needs, and provide predictive and reactive
analysis, such as which routes to avoid.
Honeywell developed the technology with Intel and three
prominent third-party logistics companies: DHL,
Expeditors and Kuehne + Nagel.
"Kuehne + Nagel chose Honeywell and Intel to partner in
the development of Connected Freight because of their
expertise and competence in this kind of technology. We
have used our competence as a global provider of
logistics services and our expertise in supply chain
management in order to co-develop this new
technology," said Martin Kolbe, chief information officer
at Kuehne + Nagel International AG. "We understand and
anticipate the need for real-time data to inform
customer actions during transportation very well. Armed
with the Connected Freight solution, Kuehne + Nagel
can offer a variety of new services tailored to our
customers' specific needs. There are ongoing trials of
the technology with one of our customers in the
pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, which is of
strategic importance for Kuehne + Nagel."
In addition to Connected Freight, Honeywell today
unveiled a range of connected solutions for truck
drivers, delivery workers and field technicians to
improve productivity and ensure compliance with
regulations. A replay of the launch broadcast can be
viewed on Honeywell's website or by visiting:
Intel is a trademark of Intel in the United States and
some other countries.
Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS)
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manufacture and sell a broad portfolio of footwear for
work, play and outdoor activities, including XtraTufTM
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